Monday, October 3, 2011

Trying More Self-Photography

...with mixed results.  I like how I look in these two photos taken with the camera on this Toshiba laptop.  You can hardly see me, that's probably why I like them :)

Holy Goddess!  My nose is really big! 

I am digging the new haircut, a lot!  You can't tell much about the color either, but it's sort of a cross between a big fat old carrot that has gone bitter and a really light cinnamon color.  It's just right for where my skin tone is at right now. Yes, JanXena has gone back to her red-headed ways.

I was giving my "coy/wicked smile" with raised eyebrows in the first photo.  I snapped the second photo as I was moving around trying posing, LOL!  I think I look like someone's schoolteacher.  Yes, I still have dimples, darlings.  Do I remind you of anyone in either or both of these photos?  Nah - I don't look like any actress I've ever seen!  I thought maybe Linda Hunt, but after looking at images of her, I think I'm prettier :)

Okay, so how do I get better quality photos?  I tried about four at a higher resolution but all that seemed to do was make them larger without actually improving the resolution.  Do I need more light?  These were taken shortly after I got home at 6 this evening, and I turned on my desk light, as well as the light in the hallway behind me (on the left) and the big bright light for the two story stairwell behind me.  Do I need to sit closer?  Farther away?  Give it up altogether - don't answer that one, darlings! 

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