Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Tata Steel Chess

Hola!  Nope, I haven't forgotten all about chess, just been distracted by other things :)  Here's the link to the official website.

Here are standings after R3 for the chess femmes!

The B Group is hosting three:
1.Harikrishna, P.3
2.L'Ami, E.
3.Tiviakov, S.2
4.Lahno, K. Motylev, A.
Nyzhnik, I.
Reinderman, D.
Timman, J.
Vocaturo, D.
10.Bruzon, L.
Cmilyte, V.
Harika, D.
Potkin, V.
14.Ernst, S.½

The C Group features five chess femmes:
1.Turov, M.3
2.Goudriaan, E.
3.Adhiban, B.
Grover, S.
Sadler, M.
Tikkanen, H.
7.Brandenburg, D.
Tania, S.
9.Danielian, E.
Haast, A.

Ootes, L.
12.Hopman, P.
Paehtz, E.
Schut, L.

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Le Mot, La Mort said...

Hello, i love chess and i just loved your blog ! can i be your friend at facebook ?

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