Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Last Full Day in Spain, January 9, 2012

"Looking up" while walking down a narrow sidestreet in Toledo, Spain.  Taken by Mr. Don.  As a kid, I lived in old neighborhoods in Milwaukee where the houses were reach-out-and-touch-someone close.  Perhaps we didn't "know thyself" but we sure got to know our neighbors :)

I hope this turns out okay. I've been having problems uploading video, don't know why. If this works, it is Mr. Don's, taken inside the Cathedral at Toledo.  Unfortunately, his camera died while we were in Madrid and while he had his video camera which can take excellent stills, he had to ration his battery power because of the videos he wanted to shoot!

If I can't post them here, I will find somewhere else to do it.  In the meantime, I've called the crows to lunch -- with the new snow cover (and more expected tomorrow) they have been visiting more regularly looking for hand-outs.

How many arches can a gate have???  I count at least eight (including that last outside edge on the other side of the gate).  St. Martin's Bridge gate - old city-side. I believe Mr. Don took this photo.

What a beautiful photo of old Toledo!  Taken by Mr. Don.  I know he took this photo because I was down the slope, across from the second "tier" of greenery on the left getting ready to take a photo of a lovely "secret garden" on the other side of a wrought-iron fence...

Isn't it beautiful!  A green growing garden in January.  Yes, Madrid is warmer than we are here, but it's not tropical!  I got the answer to my question as to why these things would be growing further down the hill, when we turned a sharp corner and after clearing the building I saw the larger part of this "secret" garden on my left!  It was open to the public but we didn't stop -- we were on our way to the Synagogue of the White Virgin.  However, I noted (with a gardener's eye) that the primary exposure was to the south/southwest and with an open exposure as it had, sunlight would flood in...  Not many climates can grow oak trees and palm trees in the same garden...

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