Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scenes from Toledo, Spain Part VIII

The House (now a Museum) of Sculptor/Artist Victorio Macho

This beautiful former private residence provides, perhaps, some of the best views of Toledo, its cliffs, hills, the ancient walls (Roman, Visigoth, Arab, Spanish) and, of course, the winding river Tagus.  The terrace garden area overlooks an incredible vista.  I, and no doubt millions of other visitors, wish they could live there for always and always.  It is the former home, and now houses the crypt and a museum of some of the works, of artist/sculptor Victorio Macho.  They are everywhere in this lovely garden - I took many photos of the views and of some of the sculptures!

We could be in Tuscany!  This is the view looking straight ahead upon entry to the inner garden courtyard.

A view over the river to the left.  Notice the ancient remaints of footings for a bridge in the water - they are, I believe, Roman.

A view of the river to the right.  This is the famous St. Martin's Bridge.

A close-up shot of the hill across the river...

Cacti plants, just below the railing.  You can see the river far below peeking through...

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