Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Is Not A Decorating Blog -- But...

I know, I know!  Perhaps this is jut premature Cabin Fever, even though I just got back from beautiful and "warm" Madrid.

Whatever it is, the Christmas Tree is still in the process of being deconstructed and I spent most of today puttering around writing lists about all the things I want to do around the house (not including replacing the roof, carpeting and flooring!)  I want new faucets for the bathroom sinks and showers/tub in an "oiled bronze" finish.  New shower rods are a must!  I am shopping for a stand-alone towel rack for the upstairs bath - what is with all this chrome?  Who uses chrome anymore? 

Today I finally hung the three vintage Eiffel Tower prints in the upstairs bath and they look beautiful!  But the bath still lacks - something.  Finishing touches are definitely needed.

I decided perhaps candle sconces on either side of the mirror, and perhaps some metal scroll work to hang above the framed prints as a finishing touch. I have always wanted a lamp in the bath, and so I moved one up there not long ago, but while it looks wonderful the cord is a real problem!  There is nowhere to hide it.  I've only one outlet in the bath, to compound issues.

Practically speaking, to have a second outlet wired (on the far side of the vanity) just to satisfy my fancy for a lamp - well, ridiculous, even if it could be done.  Given the configuration of wiring and water pipes, I'm not sure it could be done where I'd want it, but if it could be done it would probably cost a small fortune.  "Small fortunes" are not in this year's budget! 

Lo and behold, tonight while I was shopping around for new shower rods, towel racks and a coordinating magnifying mirror so I can finally honorably retire my 40 year old Plastic Wonder that is now held together by tape and a prayer, and wondering what (if anything) I could/would do about the lamp I've got up there now, I had a brain storms and did a google search for battery-operated lamps.  That led to Lamp Lust (I'm not kidding, darlings) and "wireless" wall sconces!  I found the absolutely perfect wall sconces for the upstairs bathroom and I ordered a pair tonight.  I'm so happy! 

They are battery-operated LED lamps that I'll be able to hang on picture hangers!  Can't wait for them to arrive!  These are gorgeous...

They will coordinate perfectly with the color scheme in the upstairs bath and the shades will hide the cold white glare of the LEDs. 

Not exactly the "French" look I was after - I had been thinking black metgal shades over "candle" lamps - but very mod/Art Deco and the color is PERFECT! 

This is the shower rod I'm thinking of buying (from J.C. Penney).  It will replace the chrome tension rod that was installed when the house was built 21 years ago.  About time I replaced the thing, don't ya think!

It will go perfectly with the dark bronze finish on the "new" light fixture I had installed a little over two years ago to replace a really cheap and chintzy looking "box" fixture that, while still working perfectly since originally installed when the house was built, would soon be impossible to find the right size light bulbs for!  The "beading" will echo beading on the interior of the frame around the "new" mirror I put up at the same time as the light fixture; it replaced a gigantic plate-glass mirror that was perfectly serviceable but just plain - plain.  I had checked into having a custom frame made for it -- ridiculously expensive!  I opted to Craig's List the mirror after it was taken down and moved outside and purchased the current framed "portrait" style mirror that I bought at Menard's on sale for about $40. 

Ohmygoddess, sounds like I'm obsessing.  I think I am, I am.  What's wrong with me?  This is ridiculous! 

Tomorrow I'm going to shop for faucets and replacement shower fixtures...

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