Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Quick Slide Tour of Madrid and Toledo!

I'm tired - stayed up way too late last night and tonight I'm done in; I'm going to turn in shortly.  I spent the earlier part of the evening putting together this slide presentation at Smilebox of Mr. Don's and my trip to Madrid and our day-trip to Toledo, and in-between times I put together a new lamp that I purchased from Jacques Pennee' on clearance, specfically to sit on my bedside table.  I love it! 

Only, in the meantime, I decided to change the color-scheme in my bedroom.  Oh oh.  So now, not sure what I'm going to do with the lovely new lamp that is definitely BROWN toned. I'm switching from beige, tan and cream tones (with some grey) to black and white (with some grey, because the carpet is grey and I can't afford to replace it any time soon) to coordinate more closely with the Sears paint I bought eons ago called "Powder Puff" in a satin finish that was put on the walls a little over 2 years ago by Kevin, my wonderful former handy-man.  I swear to you, I was aiming for a true creamy white.  Instead I got - well, not sure, exactly....

There is a definite under-tone to "Powder Puff" but I'm not sure what it is -  only that it sure clashes with my antique white with black toile drapes!  Damn!  So, those will be moved to the guest room where the walls were painted a Sears "Antique White" in satin finish some 19 years or so ago.  They will probably go much better in that room.

In my bedroom, "Powder Puff" does seem to go better with my Jacqlyn Smith "Today" toile  comforter in a true white and black that I bought more than 2 years ago and it's no longer available!   Can't get sheets to match! But there's the comforter, pillow shams and bed skirt.and I'm adding a pure white mesh canopy over the bed just for the hell of it that I recently purchased at  Going over Niagra Falls, for sure, well, that's the way it goes sometimes.  Whatever, arrrgggghhhh!

Here's the slideshow!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You guys know how to photograph a city. Lovely!
(The best of luck with your color schemes, too. Keep at it!)

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