Monday, February 6, 2012

Paul Michael Home

Whew - finally!  I can write about the Paul Michael Company and how fab, fab, fabulous they were to me in arranging an order of - feathers!  Yes, feathers!

But, darlings, not just any kind of feathers.  Hell no.  These are the most gorgeous feathery things I've ever seen, including on the costumes of those famous Las Vegas Show Girls, Bambi Darling and Kandi Kane, who used to write witty and informative articles related to chess and sex and, er, chess, which is a very very sexy game (you must, of course, give it a chance to develop...).  In fact, these are the feathers - HERE!

Okay, just to remind you how absolutely incredibly beautiful Laura Orr's Christmas Tree was -- and the Goddess made sure I stumbled across it :)

I can't sing the praises of the Paul Michael Home Company enough, especially Samantha, who was so wonderful in emails and on the telephone when I finally was able to call her (after the Holiday) to place my small order.  She was just wonderful through many emails and one missed phone connect.

In due course, the feathers arrived!  In this big long, jerry-rigged box that was perfectly intact despite having traveled from Arkansas via UPS (not exactly the smoothest ride...)

I haven't open the box.  I'm going to wait until - CHRISTMAS 2012!!!!

Many many wonderful thank-yous to Samantha and the Paul Michael Company for their great customer service.  That's what I love -- real, actual people doing real, actual things for you and being glad to do it -- and I hope you will, too.  Please check out their fab website and order some things!  There's lots to choose from. You'll be glad you did, darlings!

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