Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Teach Chess to Anyone!

Parents and their kids can learn together - easy peasy! 

I will never forget the kindness Laura and Dan Sherman showed to me when I was needing some coaching in preparation for my charitable chess match with Shira Evans a few years ago.  Shira still won all of our games, but I was able to put up a fight thanks to Dan's coaching (he spent over an hour with me on the telephone and also reviewed some of my games and gave me practical, helpful pointers a/k/a tactics).  In my book, they are good people.

Laura Sherman and her co-writer, Bill Kirkpatrick, have a new book out:

Chess is Child's Play: Teaching Techniques That Work
ISBN: 978-1936277315
Publisher: Mongoose Press
Date of publish: April 16, 2012
Pages: 304
S.R.P.: $19.95

You can read more about it at Amazon.  There is also a very short animated video:

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Laura Sherman said...

Wow, I just saw your kind words and recommendation of my book. Thank you! We've been getting a lot of good feedback since it came out in April. Thanks so much for your continued support!

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