Monday, May 14, 2012

Thracian Horseman Statute Donated by ...

...a local "businessman" who just happened to discover it in "pieces" in a "house he inherited."  Hmmmm, what is that scent I smell?  Could that possibily be bullshit?

Article is at Novinite - don't try to copy it!  I took a "snip" of the main body of the text but there are a few more paragraphs that are not included in the snip since I cannot scroll down when doing a "snip" to capture material.

Here is an image of the "Heros" -- is it just me -- or does this look like a really poorly faked antiquity???  See, for comparison, this specimen at Wikipedia.  More information on the Thracian "heros."

Bulgarian Archaeology Museum Gets Unique Thracian Statue
May 7, 2012

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