Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Milwaukee Summer Challenge: Prize Update!

You read it here first!  (Sounds like an old International Chessoid headline!)  Yep, Goddesschess is giving an opportunity for some G-chess love to be spread among male and female players alike by increasing the kitty for Best Game Prizes.   More below --

Because we now know that there will not be at least two (or any) females competing in the Master/Expert section of the 2012 Milwaukee Summer Challenge, we have decided to allocate the $100 in prize money set aside for a chess femme prize in that Section as follows:

(1):  U-2000 Section, top female finisher prize is increased by $25 to $100
(2):  U-1500 Section, top female finisher prize remains at $50, and a second place prize of $25 is added
(3):  U-1000 Section, prize qualification ($25 for top female finisher) is reduced to two female players competing in the Section from three

$50 left over from the intended prize for a chess femme competing in the Master/Expert Section has been donated to the Best Game Prizes fund to increase it accordingly.  This is the original Best Game Prizes structure:

Best Game Prizes: Master/Expert Section $50; U2000 Section $25; and U1500 Section $25.)

We at Goddesschess hope that some chess femmes will submit their games - from whatever Section they play in - for consideration as a best game.  We all know that those male chess masters and experts play a lot of boring chess against each other - snore... even if no one is rude enough to mention that fact.  Oops.  Pretend you didn't just read that :)

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