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40th World Open

July 2 - 8, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
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There are several different sections and different playing schedules.  A large contingent of foreign players comes over every year, many from India, to take advantage of the overlap with the Philadelphia Open.  I'm only reporting the Open and top U-2400 female finishers, plus the final table from the Women's Championship.

In the Open, a GM norm was scored by IM Eesha Karavade!

The Open title was won by GM Ivan Sokolov after an Armageddon play-off with GM Alexander Shabalov.  Both players scored 7.0/9.  IM Eesha Karavade (IND 2343) finished in a very respectable 19th place overall in the Open with 6.0/9 and took home prize money of $636.25. 

I hope I didn't miss any chess femmes -- I see the following in the Open (final standings):

54th: FM Kassa Korley (USA 2298) 4.5
56th: WIM Viktorija NI (USA 2264) 4.5
64th: IM Tania Sachdev (IND 2394) 4.0
68th: WGM Anna Sharevich (BLR 2258) 4.0
70th: WIM Nadia Ortiz (COL 2230) 4.0
82nd: Sarah Chiang (USA 2102) 3.5
100th: Jennifer Acon (USA 1832) 2.5

In the U-2400 Section, top female finishers were:

5th: IM Nisha Mohota (IND 2376) 6.5, prize of $897.63
13th: WGM Padmini Rout (IND 2354) 6.0, prize of $70.34
16th: WIM Iryna Zenyuk (USA 2327) 6.0, prize of $70.34

There was a Women's Championship this year, and two of the lovely Ulrich sisters (I have met them at the Hales Corners Chess Challenges held in April and October every year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) participated.  Here are the final standings:

World Open 2012 Standings – Women’s Championship

Final Standings

# Name Rtng St Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Apurva Virkud 2020 MI W16 W7 W4 D2 W3 W5 5.5
2 Guijue Zhou 2260 CHN W9 W6 D3 D1 W4 W7 5.0
3 Jessica Regam 2021 PA W10 W13 D2 W5 L1 W6 4.5
4 WFM Anna Levina 2111 NY W14 D5 L1 W7 L2 W8 3.5
5 WFM Danitza Vazquez Maccarini 1975 PR W15 D4 W6 L3 D8 L1 3.0
6 Jennifer Acon 1923 CA W12 L2 L5 W13 W11 L3 3.0
7Rachel J Ulrich1818WIW11L1W14L4W10L23.0
8 Saithanusri Avirneni 1632 GA H— L9 W12 W11 D5 L4 3.0
9 Jayashree Sekar 1609 GA L2 W8 L11 L15 W13 W12 3.0
10 Alisa Kikuchi 1335 NY L3 D12 D13 W14 L7 W15 3.0
11 Nancy R Guimaraes unr. NJ L7 W16 W9 L8 L6 W14 3.0
12Anne E Ulrich928WIL6D10L8W16W15L92.5
13 Sheena Zeng 862 KS B— L3 D10 L6 L9 W16 2.5
14 Samhitha Dasari 1365 GA L4 W15 L7 L10 W16 L11 2.0
15 Srihitha Dasari 961 GA L5 L14 W16 W9 L12 L10 2.0
16 Christin Mitchell 1154 PA L1 L11 L15 L12 L14 L13 0.0

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