Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smokin' Hot Krush!

Wowsers!  IM Irina Krush, reigning U.S. Women's Chess Championship, looks fabulous on the 2012 August edition of the USCF's print (and online) magazine, Chess Life:

Nakamura?  Meh.  Looks like a slumped over Willy Loman. Well, a youngish Willy Loman.  Too many St. Louis ribs?  the photographer did not due (pun!) our reigning U.S. Champ any favors by placing his black suit clad bod against black silk covering his chair.  Naka looks er, legless. Okay, I'm not going any further with that

This is the "cover" for a grand announcement found at Chessbase online -- all Chess Life mags will now be in full, glorious raging color.  Ta Da! 

Now, we all know, darlings, why Chessbase published this at all.  It's because of that absolutely spectacular photo of Krush!  They always have such a soft spot for gorgeous female chessplayers :)

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