Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 FIDE World Junior Chess Championships

TWIC said that Chessdom's website providing coverage of the 2012 FIDE World Juniors is a model of clarity.  That is high praise, indeed!

Check it out for yourself. 

Here is the list of female U-20 participants.  The USA contingent is - minimal:

15IMHolt Conrad2034387USA2498Open
56WFMLiao Simone2035782USA1933Girls

Canada has a much more respectable presence:

25IMHansen Eric2606771CAN2472Open
60FMKleinman Michael2609479CAN2330Open
65FMThavandiran Shiyam2605058CAN2301Open
77FMHambleton Aman2606577CAN2244Open
122Wu Kevin2609720CAN1905Open
57Kalaydina Regina Veronicka2600129CAN1928Girls

China is sending a typically extremely strong contingent of players:

1GMDing Liren8603677CHN2695Open
2GMYu Yangyi8603820CHN2629Open
33IMGao Rui8602387CHN2442Open
41FMWei Yi8603405CHN2418Open
7WGMGuo Qi8604002CHN2358Girls
8Wang Jue8604070CHN2355Girls

Russia sent a large contingent:

5GMShimanov Aleksandr4198603RUS2596Open
18IMOparin Grigoriy24125890RUS2488Open
28IMAntipov Mikhail Al4107012RUS2462Open
73Minko Vladimir24146706RUS2257Open
1IMBodnaruk Anastasia4181751RUS2414Girls
3WGMKashlinskaya Alina4198026RUS2391Girls
6WGMGoryachkina Aleksandra4147103RUS2361Girls
27WIMSemenova Elena24125148RUS2134Girls
33Imeeva Aisa24116157RUS2095Girls
So, let's see what develops. Play starts August 2, 2012 at 17:00.

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