Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rare Glimpse of Tepanec Culture Goddess

Hybrid Corn Goddess

Photograph from Cortesía/INAH/RML/AP
In addition to graves, the excavation—which began two months ago in advance of the construction of a new apartment building—yielded objects that may speak to the religious beliefs of the little-known Tepanec. This figurine, explained Talavera González, is a combination of the goddess of rain and the goddess of corn.

The site is in an area called Azcapotzalco—in its day a rich and powerful capital and today a borough in northwestern Mexico City. According to INAH, the new findings indicate Azcapotzalco was also an elite Tepanec business district and a civil and ceremonial center.

Published July 31, 2012
National Geographic Daily News

More on the excavations - including the burial of a woman with a newborn infant in her arms and other child burials -- some sacrificial?

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