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2013 U.S. Chess Championships

The U.S. and U.S. Women's Chess Championships (invitational) will be held once again in lovely St. Louis, Missouri at the Chess and Scholastic Center, May 2 - 13, 2013.

The fields have yet to be fully set, because most of the players are issued what have to be "conditional" invitations based on the USCF March, 2013 ratings lists!  But, we do know some of the invitees (scroll down toward bottom).

Now darlings, you probably understand if you've read here for any length of time that I give a hoot about men's chess in general, although I do have some favorites among male players.  It's the chess femmes I'm concerned about, and once again St. Louis proves that despite a generous prize fund of $65,000 for a field of 10 female players, the men get preferential treatment with a GUARANTEED prize fund of $180,000 for 24 male players -- cuz you can be sure no female player is going to show up in the top 24 list of overall U.S.  players.

Well, that just fricking sucks, but such is life in the 21st century for a female chessplayer in the United States of America, and in all other countries in the world today.  Sigh.  And we think of ourselves as soooo advanced in this country...

I found a link at the St. Louis Chess Club website that  thought would provide cogent information about the 2013 Championships (after all, it is the host!) but it wasn't working just a little while ago when I clicked on it - several times over the course of many minutes.  Kept getting 404 errors.  Hint:  Darlings, please do not put up a link to a non-existent story!!!

The info below in italics is from the USCF's website January 22, 2013 story by Mike Wilmering, read it in full

The 2012 [2013, not 2012] U.S. Women’s Championship will feature 10 players and a guaranteed prize fund of $65,000. Invitations for the 2012 [2013, not 2012] U.S. Women’s Championship are as follows:

(1) 2012 U.S. Women’s Champion: IM Irina Krush
(7) The seven remaining highest-rated players according to the March supplement: TBD
(2) Two wildcard invitations: TBD
Check for the latest updates, info about past U.S. Championships and news about the top players in the U.S.
Tsk, tsk.  The dating error (2012 versus 2013) was not made in respect of the Men's U.S. (Invitational) Chess Championship.  That just shows you how much the USCF and writers in general appreciate "women's chess" in this country. 
The comments posted AFTER the USCF article were much more informative than anything else I found (after a brief search) on the internet, including the website of the host of the 2013 U.S. Chess Championships.  It seems that Nakamura (current U.S. Male Chess Champion), is listed to play in one or possibly more (?) events overlapping the dates of the U.S. Chess Championship.  Really bad form, darling. 
February, 2013 ratings lists indicate that personal favorites Sam Shankland (he's cute) and GM Alex Lenderman (wonderful player and such heart) are probably going to be in relatively the same positions on the March, 2013 ratings list, and thus will receive invites.  Hope they play, just so I have two male players to root for!  Oh, I will also add GM Gata Kamsky, he has, as far as I know, always conducted himself with dignity and decorum, unlike some other male players...  And he's a damn good chess player, too. 
Working through this as I'm writng:  Interestingly, at US Chess Champs website at the present time (I mean, like right now - 12:46 p.m. Milwaukee time), the #1 player on the list of players is GM Gata Kamsky, not Nakamura. Shankland has received an invite but not, evidently, accepted it, and Lenderman isn't even mentioned.  WTF?  Has Nakamura become persona non grata with St. Louis money?  Hmmm.....
The USCF Women's Ratings List for February, 2013 -- you can assume that many of these players will receive invitations for the Championship.  But - I wonder - would Anjelina B. consider playing?  Ohmygoddess!  Would just love to see her in action!
Women's top players (Feb 2013 list):
1 Zatonskih, Anna (12873912) NY USA 2531
2 Krush, Irina (12543137) NY USA 2514
3 Abrahamyan, Tatev (12851435) CA USA 2433
4 Foisor, Sabina-Francesca (14012260) MD USA 2391
5 Baginskaite, Camilla (12716466) SD USA 2358
6 Ni, Viktorija (14449677) IL USA 2353
7 Goletiani, Rusudan (12807449) NY USA 2338
8 Belakovskaia, Anjelina (12559824) AZ USA 2334
9 Zenyuk, Iryna (12846035) PA USA 2330
10 Rohonyan, Katerina (12973020) WA USA 2317
11 Melekhina, Alisa (12726115) PA USA 2303
12 Kats, Alena (12980885) NY USA 2237
13 Grinfeld, Alla (12717614) NY USA 2234
14 Chiang, Sarah (13091081) TX USA 2223
A note:  Rohonyan (#10 on the list above), is the top-rated female player and at the present time, the #2 overall player registered to play in the 2013 Grand Pacif Open that will be held in beautiful Victoria, B.C. (Canada) over the Easter weekend.  Rooting for her to take the top money prize!  Goddesschess provides sponsorship for this event. 
And, according to U.S. Chess Champs website, female players in the 2013 U.S. Women's Chess Championship are:
Zatonskih - accepted (#1 rated)
Krush - accepted (Yes, she has class)
Abrahamyan - accepted
Sabina Foisor - accepted
Baginskaite - accepted (Yes! another personal favorite.  Day in and day out, this chess femme works with children and others to teach them chess, something I consider a very worthy and worthwhile calling)
V. Ni - accepted
Zenyuk - accepted (Iryna and Irena will once again be facing off, as they have done in several past U.S. Women's CCs)
Alena Kats - accepted (18 years old)
Sarah Chiang - invited (15 years old)
S. Chiang is #14 on the February 2013 USCF Top Women's Ratings List, so I guess Anjelina B. (#8 on February, 2013 Top U.S. Women's Ratings List) did not receive an invitation.  So, I will not get to see her play, after all.  Sigh. 
Okay, so if the 2013 U.S. Women's CC is featuring 10 players, according to the USCF article, who's the 10th player?  As you can see, U.S. Chess Champs website only lists 9 players (accepted and invited) -- so what gives?  Is that just another mistake?  What's it going to be - 10 players, or 9 players?
Let's hope the errors are corrected...


Rihel said...

Nakamura appears committed to a Top 8 in the World event in Norway on the same dates as the US Champs.

Rihel said...

Nakamura appears committed to a Top 8 in the World event in Norway on the same dates as the US Champs.

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