Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 Milwaukee Summer Challenge!

Hola darlings!

You probably thought I had died or something - but I'm here, alive and kicking.  In fact, I had a very good report from Heart Doctor #1 on 4/17/13 and a big load of worry has been removed from above my head.  No more Sword of Damocles dangling over me -- well, for now, anyway :)

I am sooooo happy to announce that me a/k/a Goddesschess, since I'm the only one left now, will be funding prizes for Southwest Chess Club's second Milwaukee Summer Challenge!

Last year's inaugural Milwaukee Summer Challenge was a big hit. July, 2012 was the first time my adopted chess club hosted a five-game tournament spread over two days.  Goddesschess/me (I?) provided $250 in prizes for the chess femmes (I think), but things got switched around a bit when not enough female players entered the highest-rated section, and so I reallocated the prize money originally intended for the highest rated section to increase the prizes for chess femmes in the other sections and also increased the Best Game Prizes (open to female and male players) in each section.  Well - something like that, anyway.  Those great guys at SWCC figured it all out so I didn't have to stress my brain (such as it is) about it!   Final standings from the 2012 Milwaukee Summer Challenge with Goddesschess prizes noted. 

This year, I am putting up the same prizes for chess femmes playing in each section, and Tom Fogec and I discussed a $50 best game prize when I saw him a few weeks ago.  I honestly do not recall all the details now, but I had lots of other things on my mind last summer, with the health crises Mr. Don (may he rest in peace) and I were undergoing at the time.  The guys will let me know the $$ I need to send them to cover. 

Flyer for 2013 Milwaukee Summer Challenge
All details and registration form.
Talk about being behind the times - geez - today was the first time I checked out who actually won best game prizes at the 2012 Milwaukee Summer Challenge, and was pleased to see that Anne Ulrich won the prize for her section!  YAH!

Couldn't help but also note that in less than a year, Anne has raised her ELO by some 300 points!  You can see the prize-winning games here -- Anne's is first up.  At that time, she was rated 1072. Her rating now is 1396.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

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