Sunday, November 24, 2013

23rd World Senior Women's Chess Championship

Holy Hathor!  GM Nona Gaprindashvili played in a simul during this event on November 23 - say what!  Yep, she played!  I sure wish this event had received more publicity, for she is one of the great female chessplayers of our time. I don't know the details or her results, alas.  Link. 

Oh oh - guess what, in the minute or so it took me to write this here, the link and my comment on Facebook have magically disappeared.  So, did she play this simul, or did she not?  Guess not?

This Championship took place November 11 - 24, 2013, in Opatija, Croatia.  World Women's Senior Chess Champion is WFM Yelena Ankudinova, who looks young enough to be my daughter. EEK!  Just how "old" does one have to be to qualify for the female world chess championship, heh?

WFM Yelena Ankudinova.
Senior?  Yeah, right! She just needs
to diet and exercise.

Here is the complete final cross-table for the women's event, and GM Nona Gaprindashvili finished in 2nd place overall:

Rk.SNo  NameTypsexFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
19 WFMAnkudinova YelenaS50wKAZ21217.
21 GMGaprindashvili NonaS50wGEO23126.
35 WGMKhmiadashvili TamarS50wGEO21586.
43 WGMFatalibekova ElenaS50wRUS22526.
54 WIMMiednikova SwietlanaS50wRUS21666.
62 WGMStrutinskaya Galina NS50wRUS22996.
711 WFMBogumil TatianaS50wRUS20745.50.531.00.0218995.53.781.721525.8
813 WFMKhropova LarisaS50wRUS20095.50.530.00.0208584.53.031.471522.0
98 WIMMelashvili NinoS50wGEO21265.
1017  Baliuniene MargaritaS50wLTU18855.
1110 WIMBeltz MartinaS50wGER21005.
127 WIMLauterbach IngridS50wENG21325.
1314 WFMKierzek MiraS50wMKD20055.
1415 CMMilligan HelenS50wNZL19774.
1518  Khalturina TatianaS50wRUS18234.
1612 WFMBeliaeva NataliaS50wRUS20274.
176 WIMTitorenko Natalia IS50wRUS21434.
1819  Milashevskaja ValentinaS50wRUS18144.
1916  Kabanova IrinaS50wRUS19514.
2024  Catania Hannelore JS50wUSA04.    
2121  Hoose HanneloreS50wGER17404.
2225  Pelias MarilynS50wUSA03.    
2320  Korneeva TamaraS50wRUS17572.
2423  Arginbayeva MaryanaS50wKAZ15182.
2522  Afanasieva ElenaS50wRUS16252.

There were two players from the USA - Hannelore J. Catania, who does not have a FIDE rating.  She finished in 20th place overall with 4.0.  Finishing in 22nd place was Marilyn Pelias, also no FIDE rating, with 3.0.  I commend the fighting spirit of both of these chess femmes, hooray! 

Women's prizes:

Position Prize(€) Additional reward 
1.100,00trophy and gold medal
800,00silver medal
600,00bronze medal

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