Sunday, July 1, 2007

Elizabeth Vicary on Chess, Girls and Genius

Jen Shahade has an excellent piece at Chess Life Online in which she interviewed Elizabeth Vicary. The interview focuses on Elizabeth's Masters of Education thesis: "Encouraging Middle School Girls' Success and Involvement in Chess." Shahade and Vicary have a revealing give and take during the interview and the respect and affection they have for each other is obvious, but to their credit they don't spare themselves answering some hard questions. Elizabeth Vicary will be playing in the upcoming U.S. Women's Chess Championship. You can find some of her games at There is some information about Vicary's chess coaching, etc. in an article by Steve Goldbert at Chess Cafe. She's going to have a tough row to hoe - in the 2006 U.S. Chess Championship, she finished tied for 25-30th place with 3.5 points in Group A, but did not face any of the women who will be competing for the 2007 title in Stillwater. The Chablis and Glickman article that Vicary talks about in her interview is summarized in this article at Goddesschess.

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