Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 World Youth U-16 Olympiad

Record 34 Teams in World Youth U-16 Olympiad in Singapore (August 4 - 12, 2007) So says a headline at the FIDE website. Here is the official website. The event is now over and the USA sent two teams of all boys. Why two teams? The event was won by the Indian Team - good for them - although according to the scant publicity I found for this event, India was one of the favorites. Here are the final standings for the top six places: Final Standings: 1st - IND 28.0 2nd - HUN 27.5 3rd - PHI 25.5 4th - UZB 24.5 5th - AUS 1 24.0 6th - TUR 23.5 Players on the two U.S. teams: 19. United States of America 1 (0 / 0) Bo. Name Rtg FED 1 Tanaka Christian T 2114 USA 2 Lau Robert 2025 USA 3 Tan Jared E 0 USA 4 Zhang Eric 0 USA 33. United States of America 2 (0 / 0) Bo. Name Rtg FED 1 Huang Vincent 0 USA 2 Gunawan Cheston 0 USA 3 Polsky Ryan P 0 USA 4 Ambartsoumian Michael 0 USA I hunted around at the official website for final team standings for all of the teams but couldn't find them - I checked a couple of times already, but perhaps they will be posted later. So, I have no idea how the two U.S teams did. I didn't see a story on this at the USCF website. Does anyone know if USCF paid for the teams to attend the Olympiad?


The chess nut said...

Did you Know?

Did you know that the Australia 2 team consisted of Australia's up and coming girls. It was an all girls team! They finished mid pack

Jan said...

No, I didn't know that. Good for Australia!

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