Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chinese Thugs

Throngs of Han Chinese "students" attacked protesters in South Korea during the Olympic Torch Relay. Story from The New York Times Sunday April 27, 2008 I have admiration for the Chinese civilization - at least, the ancient part. Now it seems the ethnic Han Chinese are just thugs. They do not understand the exercise of free speech, political freedom and the right of free people to peacefully assemble and protest. They beat up anyone who disagrees with the official Communist line and are acting like "1984" automatons. These people are described as college students, but they are frigging idiots - no doubt future leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. I hope the South Korean government arrests every single one of them and deports them back to China and never lets them back into their country. When lone protesters demanded that China stop repatriating North Korean refugees, they were quickly surrounded by jeering Chinese. Near the park, Chinese students surrounded and beat a small group of protesters, news reports said. In another scuffle, at the city center where the five-hour torch run ended, Chinese surrounded several Tibetans and South Korean supporters who unfurled pro-Tibet banners, and kicked and punched them, witnesses said. Norbert Vollertsen, a German doctor and advocate for North Korean refugees, found himself surrounded by jeering Chinese students on Sunday. “This torch run reminds me of Hitler, who first invented it in 1936 to divert world attention from human rights problems in Germany under the disguise of 'world harmony,'” he said.

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