Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Miscellany

Hola darlings! Check this out - Russian pin-ups! No wonder the Russian army doesn't want to come home from Georgia. I mean, come on darlings, what young Russian bear wants to come home to his great-grandmother in a bikini? Compare these ladies to the Georgian female chessplayers who are sitting out this year's Women's World Chess Championship in Nalchik, Russia. If you were a young man, where would YOU want to be? The beautiful women are all in Georgia. This photo is from The New York Times photos of the day on 8/22/08. They're greeting the first Russian warship to return home from the Georgian invasion. Hmmm, they rather resemble the Willendorf Venus, don't they... This is a day for photographs. Here's the 16-year old Chinese bronze medalist on 10 meter platform diving from 8/21/08, Xin Wang. When I saw her on t.v. last night, my first thought was "ohmygoddess, she's anorexic." Taking a close look at this photo today, this 16 year old is, in my opinion, definitely suffering from something, and she is NOT healthy. Doesn't her facial expression in this photo resemble that famous painting "The Scream" - horrifying thought, isn't it? Was it the thought that a woman 11 years older and many pounds heavy and many inches taller beat her out for the silver medal? HOORAY TO THE CANUCK Emilie Heymans! Or was it the thought that while gold medal winners in China can live a life of ease compared to the hungering masses, what does a bronze medal winner get? Probably a trip to a work camp for failure to adequately express the Great and Positive Aspects of Chinese Culture - BORGISM. Good old China, you can always depend on the Dragon to make an ass of itself - arresting six Americans for protesting about Tibet occupation is just the latest gaffe; of course, everyone knows that at least three of their gold-medal winning "women" gymnasts are about 10 to 12 years old, not anywhere near 15-16 as their "official passports" purport! LOL! But the sad thing is that the international gymnastics federation will most likely let China get away with this, just like the international swimming federation let the East Germans get away with systematic doping of their female athletes back in the 1980's. Everyone knows what's going on, but "officially," no one knows nuthink! Tonight while writing about this stuff an old Tom Clancy novel came to mind - "The Bear and the Dragon." Anyone out there remember it? I had a rip-roaring good time reading it when it first came out. The basic story line is that an increasingly population overflowing, hungry, restive for human rights and natural resources deprived China starts casting envious eyes on the overflowing riches of Siberia. After much convoluted plotting, the Chinese launch a blitzkrieg-type invasion of Siberia! The Russians are not in position to immediately respond (and, after reading a story today at The New York Times about a 1960's era tank that no longer turns left, I can well imagine why) but - ta da! NATO comes to the rescue! Now darlings, just imagine for a moment. Wouldn't that be the ultimate in ironic justice? Russia coming hat in hand to NATO asking for military help to fend off the hungering hordes of China. Har! Truth is often stranger than fiction. We may well see this happening in less time than anyone thinks.

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