Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ancient Macedonian Reference to Goddess Discovered

Story from MINA Breaking News January 1, 2009 Macedonia archeologists uncover 4,000 year old writing Uncovered are the first traces of the old Macedonian language in the country, says "Dr. Dushko Aleksovski, paleolinguistics professor and honorary president of the World Rock Art Academy. "This is a very rare artifact, the name of the Goddess Vesta is written on it. However, the first written name is Bsefa, which later became Vesta. This is the oldest artifact written in the old Macedonian language discovered on our territory." says Dr. Aleksovski. The 4,000 year old signs written on the lid of the clay artifact, according to Dr. Aleksovski, are considered as a monumental discovery, first of its kind and very important for the paleolinguistics. The discovery was made in central Macedonia, the precise location is being kept secret by the Government so the area doesn't get over run by archeological poachers looking for treasures and artifacts. //12.29.08


Anonymous said...

heyyyy.... i saw this picture here and it is almost identical to the one i found digging in my backyard!
i live in Durres/Albania and the city of Durres is full of ancient thigs so i thought it is not important. my house backyard used to be a very old church according to legends.
it has some small signs but i can't see them very well!

hope it is really important... if you need anymore information just ask me! this is my yahoo address!

Jan said...

Hello Anonymous from Albania,

I recommend that you take the artifact you dug out to a local museum and have it looked at. If it has writing on it, it could be very important. Even without writing, it might be very important. There is no way of knowing just by looking at photographs. Good luck to you! I hope you have discovered a very ancient object that the museum will buy (or you could be generous and donate it on behalf of your country). By the way, if you have photographs and would like them published, I would be happy to do that for you here.

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