Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goddess Alive!

At last.... Oh, Miss Etta James, sing it for us, lady! Here's a magazine dedicated only to the Goddess: GODDESS ALIVE! Oops! Mea culpa! I see from the copyright notice at the bottom of this magazine that it's been available since at least 2002. Er. Well, better late than never, darlings. Well - knock me off my chair with a feather! The current issue (Issue No. 15 - Spring/Summer 2009) starts with a short piece (online) featuring what sure looks like a rock carving of a fecund female, popularly known as a "Venus": The Acheulian Ancient Mother: The Oldest Goddess in the World. Take a look! The thing is, "[T]he figurine was found between two layers of volcanic ash, the upper one 232,000 and the lower one 800,000 years old." Okay - so you're thinking this HAS to be wrong. And so did I - except earlier today (one of those synchronicity things that regularly crops up in my life), I just happened to briefly read at Science Daily (don't have a url) that so-called "modern man" dates back to about 200,000 years ago. So much for Cro-Magnon Man appearing 35,000 years ago like I was taught in high school years ago. Ha! So, it is entirely possible that this little "Venus," beautifully shaped using the natural properties of the stone on which she was carved, is as old as "modern man," and possibly even older - much older. What is even more intriguing is that this discovery raises the possibility that the "hominids" who lived in this area where the Venus was found had enough cognitive abilities to create art that predated by far, the oldest representations of "art" of which we are aware; this was something of which the experts say only "modern man" was capable. I need to do more research on this intriguing find from the Golan Heights in 1981.

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