Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not a good day

Today was set aside for looking at new houses to potentially buy. Mind you, my house has been shown now three times and no offers have been received. I was so certain that my lovely, beautiful house would sell at a snap of my fingers. That being said, even if I had received an offer the very first showing, I am now realizing, as earlier today I walked through perfectly adequate houses put on the market by other sellers, just smaller places, just how much I will be giving up if I sell this house, assuming I can sell it for the price I want (that is by no means certain). I have been in tears since I got home shortly after noon. I am in tears right now. This entire process has been infinitely more difficult than I ever imagined, not that I thought much about it before I signed the Listing Contract to try and sell this home. I thought I was a rational, logical person. My Goddess, how wrong I was about myself. I am not rational or logical at all. After viewing five houses today (the cream of the crop, I have to admit, from my list of seven potential), I put in an offer on a lovely one story brick ranch home, closer (much closer) to all the conveniences that I need than this place, and a much more managible yard than what I have now. Yes, it is smaller, but the bedrooms are large and have hardwood floors. The bathroom is acceptable, compared to the others I saw today (my repainted, refloored and re-mirrored bathroom with a quite ceiling vent van and no rotting wooden window over the bathtub now shines as an outstanding fashion icon and has nearly 2x the space of most of the baths I saw earlier today, oh my). The basement appeared buildable if I want to add a "rec" room. The kitchen is large enough to hold my 56" round table and four large chairs. The living room is large enough to host my massive front room furniture and my bookcase/breakfront. I'll just have to get rid of a sleeper sofa, a large wing chair, a large recliner, two large bookcases, a large entertainment center, and a sofa table from my current family room to make everything fit hunky-dory. The stove and fridge are much better than those in this house. It has a 2-car garage. The yard is okay - somewhat smaller than mine (that's what I wanted), but I will have to take out all of the shrubs newly-planted up against the foundation of the house (what were they thinking???) and place them out along the boundary lines to delineate my new yard from the public parkway. Because of the configuration of the house, there is no patio; there is no deck; no part of the yard is truly private. Not at all like my back yard here. That is, of course, if my offer (filled with contingencies, including selling this place), is accepted, and assuming I can sell this place for the price I want, which is by no means certain. So why am I sobbing my head off?

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