Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Las Vegas Pics

(Early morning shot inside the shops at the Venetian - no people!)  Oy, I am sooooo sick.  I started feeling crummy Saturday evening (evening I got back home).  Came down with a case of strep throat and a really nasty chest cold, feels like bronchitis.  I was so punked out I missed work yesterday, and last night was awful.  I was running a high fever and I actually had my purse ready to go (phone numbers, all the meds I'm on, insurance cards) if I called 911 in case I had a repeat of an ancient (1989) lung infection that nearly did me in.  It was a struggle not to panic as I felt the gunk building up in my chest, even though I was able to breathe okay.  The crisis passed about 3 a.m. but I wasn't in any shape to report to work this morning - very little sleep. I spent the majority of the night in the recliner so I was more or less upright - I thought it would help my lungs stay clear.  It is not easy to toss and turn in a recliner, though, and I am a restless sleeper.  At least the fever is gone!

But I don't like missing two days of work in a row - not in these uncertain times.  Damn!  I'm sure I got sick from something circulating in the bad air on that Air Tran flight going out to LV.  My throat is still sore, my ears and Eustacian tubes ache, and now I'm coughing up tons of green gunk, yech!  It hurts to cough, too.

I took these pics on my last day in LV, which was great in all ways.  A couple more shots from the Venetian shops, including a view of the replica of the Grand Plaza - I forget what it is called.

I have not gone on and won't go on a gondola ride - not in a mock-up of Venice inside a too epensive hotel in Las Vegas!  But goddess, what a business they have.  By the time I had finished my early-morning tour and shots of the interiors of the Palazzo and the Venetian, as I was walking back through the shops there was already a line of people waiting patiently to board a gondola!  It was about 9:30 a.m.  Incredible.

I made my way outside and took this shot toward the Fashion Show Mall.  I thought I took a few shots inside the Mall too, there are some nice vistas - but evidently I did not because I sure couldn't find them on my memory card!

Love how it looks like a flying saucer.  Street traffic was starting to build, and on the large plaza outside the Mall that fronts Las Vegas Boulevard, there was a long line of people snaked around the cordons waiting to get in to purchase half-price show and dinner tickets.  Geez!  They could have walked down the Strip aways and got their tickets at the litle place that is stationed between The Riviera and the Peppermill Restaurant, and saved themselves a long wait in line!

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