Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Chicago Open

The Open attracted big name players besides the "usual" American GM contingent.  This year Loek Van Wely and Michael Adams were present and, I think, lent some luster to this otherwise ho-hum event.  While these GMs are perhaps no longer considered "super GMs" - they are very dangerous, wily veterans (YOUNG veterans because they've been on the circuit from young age) and they are great players.  They've been there, done that.  I've always had a crush on Michael Adams - fell madly in like with him during the 1999 FIDE Knock-Out World Chess Championship in Las Vegas.  He and the Kid - Dieter Liever-Nisipeanu - were so cute.  For that matter, I was pretty cute myself in 1999 :)

Van Wely won clear first place in the Open and took home a cool $10,200.  Adams finished in second place overall but tied with three other players with 7.0/9, so the money was split and he took home $2,425.  I was glad to see some of the chess femmes making marks for themselves. 

WIM Tatev Abrahamyan scored an IM norm and WGM norm and Viktorija Ni scored a WIM norm (Open).

Without further ado, here are the chess femmes who played in the Open and their final standings (I hope I didn't miss anyone).

WIM Tatev Abrahamyan 2290 2346 CA finished in 24th place overall (out of 149 registered players) with 6.0 and won $2250.

WIM Iryna Zenyuk 2276 2235 PA finished in 33rd place with 5.5 and won $140. (Photo by Betsy Dynako: Zenyuk on the left, Abrahamyan on the right).

Other chess femmes who played in the Open:
54 WIM Luciana Morales 2188 2197 PER 5.0
55 WFM Viktorija Ni 2159 2214 LAT 5.0
56 WIM Lorena M Zepeda 2152 2194 ESA 5.0
58 WIM Evelyn Moncayo 2122 2136 ECU 5.0
59 WIM Sonia Zepeda 2107 2106 ESA 5.0
115 Sarah Chiang 1808 1888 TX L68 L111 W99 W145 W107 L9 L52 L72 D118 3.5
130 WFM Liulia Cardona 2193 2183 CUB W147 D21 L11 L75 F79 H— H— U— U— 2.5
134 Tatiana Vayserberg 2061 2062 WI L30 L72 W33 W92 L70 D87 L67 L93 U— 2.5

You can find full standings for all sections at the official website.  USCF has several great photos of the Chicago Open players by Betsy Dynako. 

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