Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: A New Los Angeles Initiative!

Shira Evans' Computer Labs for Kids has a new program on schedule and right now is training her volunteers.  Here is what she wrote on June 10th:

New Course Starting this Month!

This month we are starting a brand new three month program for illiterate kids of all ages in South Central LA.

Values that last...

As part of our new course program, the children will be sharing with us how they plan on improving their environments. Plan on checking with us to hear the exciting news they have to share.

And this update on June 15th:

I am happy to say that our training on Saturday went great. The ladies from Messiah Full Gospel Bible Fellowship have generously volunteered their time to serve as mentors to kids who really need help.

We went over the program outline including The Way to Happiness topics we will be covering as well as the software programs designed to increase literacy and boost IQ.

The volunteers came up with many good recommendations. For example, I'm off to the store to find headphones (which will help provide a distraction free environment).

The story of how this project came to be is quite remarkable in itself....

Just I few weeks ago I had the idea to go to California Pizza Kitchen. While there I started talking to a wonderful lady who turned out to be one of the clergy for All Saints Church in Pasadena. When hearing of our work, she wanted to connect me up with the minister of Messiah Full Gospel Bible Fellowship as they minister to young in need in South Central LA.

From there I met with the Pastor of MFGBF and started coordinating our project. Then, like a miracle, the funds came in from a college sorority far way in Atlanta, Georgia (Alpha Kappa Alpha at Howard University) who heard of our work around the world. They held a fundraiser and raised the exact amount of funds we needed to buy the laptops for these kids.

Thank you for your interest in our charity.


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