Saturday, January 15, 2011


WE WON!!!!!!!!!

Ohmygoddess, calm down my thumping heart!  I must have died 10 times during the first quarter - Atlanta scored first - booooooo hissssssssss booooooooo; then we scored!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAYYYYYY!; then the enemy scored again - booooooo hissssssssss booooooooo, and then we scored again!!!!!!!  But then the enemy scored again!  FOUR TDS by the Packers in second quarter, could not believe our incredible comeback!

2nd quarter Tramon Williams returns an interception 70 yards for TD against Atlanta.
Final Score: 48-21 Packers.

P.S. The Falcons were the #1 seed.

Michelle says the Packers are going all the way to the Super Bowl. I never take a prediction from the Albert family lightly ('Sis called Khalifman the winner of the world chess championship way back in 1999 when FIDE held it in Las Vegas - and she was right). So, we may be making a side-trip to the Super Bowl this year - Dallas? Where the hell is Dallas???

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