Friday, April 1, 2011

Miracle Rescue of Japanese Dog at Sea After Three Weeks

I sure do hope this is not an "April Fools" article.  It made me burst out in tears when I read the headline, and I sobbed as I watched the video and listened to the report. 

Yeah, I know it's silly to cry over one little doggy rescued at sea after three weeks - how could he (or she) have survived so long?  What is it that enables one to read with relative equanamity that upwards of 18,000 people lost their lives (and who knows how long some of them may have survived, hoping against hope to be rescued, before they finally passed away from lack of water and injuries) and hardly shed a tear, and then read a story weeks later about one dog being rescued when he shouldn't even be alive, and all of that grief and horror and anger and sadness comes pouring out in sobbing tears.

The rescuers spent a long time trying to find the doggy from their helicopter, which eventually had to leave because it was running low on fuel.  It was a coast guard ship that eventually recovered the doggy.  May the Goddess bless each and every one of you for going through these measures to save one dog.  I cannot help but contrast this heroic effort to rescue one dog to what happened in New Orleans after Katrina when rescuers callously left behind still living living pets while hauling their away sobbing, frantic owners.

Maybe this Japanese dog is  a symbol of hope.  Now that I'm calmer, I'm thinking perhaps, just perhaps, this doggy is a sign from the Goddess, for the links between dogs and the Goddess go back to the mists of time, that there is always hope.  This is a miracle that defies rational explanation but was sent to us as a sign that there is more going on in this great, mysterious universe than just us silly-ass humans, who sometimes like to think that WE ARE IT and our shit doesn't stink! Psssst - it does stink...

There is rebuilding, and picking up and carrying-on, which the people of Japan have done before.  So, now I feel better, and I hope the survivors in Japan do, too.  Goddess bless you all - and us, everyone.

From the New Scotsman
Dog rescued from sea 3 weeks after tsunami swept away house
Published Date: 02 April 2011
A FAMILY pet, cast upon the ocean wave when the 11 March tsunami scoured the north-east coast of Japan, was finally rescued yesterday off Kesennuma by coastguards, three weeks after disaster struck.
The frightened and hungry animal was spotted pacing around the semi-submerged roof of a house, the only part still above water, then occasionally vanishing inside.

Rescuers used a raft and a rope to coax the dog from the roof - one coastguard plunging into the sea - before netting it to bring it to shore.

An all-out search for survivors and bodies up to 20 miles off the north-east coast is expected to scale down tomorrow.

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