Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Crazy Cougar!

Long story - I'm now a member of the "Crazy Cougars Rock" (CCR) Club consisting of several ladies of a certain age who ride the bus to and from work five days a week on the same route.  I'm not going to reveal all of the details of how we all met, who we are, our personal stories and how we arrived at our group name, you would certainly blush, darlings.

Anyway, it is in part due to my fledgling membership in the CCR that I decided to enter the Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIV (October 22, 2011, details) as well as a certain nostalgia because it will be about a year ago that Shira-then-Evans and now Shira Sanford and her then-fiance, Crispin Sanford, came up from a work project in Chicago to visit me for a happy weekend!  That weekend visit happened to coincide with the Hales Corners Chess Challenge XII, for which Goddesschess was sponsoring prizes for the chess femmes.  The upshot was that Shira and I played in the HCC Challenge XII.  Crispin was also supposed to play but he chickened out at the last moment and spent the day, instead, taking photographs of Shira and I (to be fair, almost entirely of Shira) playing chess and doing intense work on his Mac tablet thingy on several projects he had going at the time. 

Well, water under the bridge and all that.  The CCR think I'm some sort of genius or something, despite my repeated and heated denials that I don't know a damn thing about how to play chess other than the basic moves, and that's why 8 year olds with no ratings can beat my pants off.  Hmmm, that sounds rather vulgar, doesn't it?  Oh well... And the funniest part is I haven't even begun to tell them my Chess Tales. 

It's not just a personal life I have, darlings.  I also have a Goddesschess Life that is entirely separate and sometimes IT takes over everything!  I had committed to writing an article for a certain chess magazine to be published in the near future that I had - honest - in the back of my mind but the time somehow crept up on me and here it was, the last day of September and the article was due.  EEK!

Thank Goddess for lunch hours!  I wrote most of it during that hour and in about 2.5 frantic hours this evening after I got home from the office, I did the rest and emailed it off, complete with a couple of  images that are not properly embedded into the Word document.  Oh well.  That is now the editor's problem, not mine :)  I made my deadline.

That project relates to our newly-undertaken sponsorship of the 2012 Goddesschess Canadian Women's Closed Chess Championship.  HOORAH, HOORAH!

With the start of a new blog entirely devoted to female fashion and personal care things that - trust me - our male readers will not want to read about, including the undertaking of certain sewing projects (that ancient Kenmore sewing machine of mine still works!) -- plus we had a tremendous windstorm come through the last 1.5 days and my backyard is now an incredible MESS of prematurely fallen leaves, fallen branches, twigs, and LIMBS (big tree limbs) that need to be cleaned up before I can venture forth with the trusty Sears Craftsman lawnmower with 6.5 HP (zoom zoom zoom) --

To sum it up for you, darlings, I'VE BEEN BUSY. 

NOW the Milwaukee Brewers decide to go into play-off mode!  NOW the Wisconsin Badgers are scheduled to play the Nebraska Corn Huskers and Madison is going to be ROCKING so hard I'll be able to go to sleep tonight like a baby being rocked in a cradle - and the game isn't until tomorrow!  And of course, on Sunday, the 2011 WORLD FOOTBALL (not soccer) CHAMPIONS, THE GREEN BAY PACKERS, will be playing against - I've no idea.  But come game time on Sunday my eyes will be glued to the television set with the volume turned all the way down whilst my ears are attuned to Packers the volume turned up coverage on WTMJ Radion 620 AM in Milwaukee, WI.  Yeah, baby!  As far as I'm concerned, nobody does play-by-play radio announcing of pro football better than our WTMJ radio team.  I prefer to listen to them while watching the action on televison rather than the t.v. announcers.

So - mea culpa, darlings.  Right now I'm busy doing other things rather than blogging here. I'll be back once the blizzards start roaring in Wisconsin.  You know they always do :)

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