Sunday, November 20, 2011

Awonder Liang: Representing the USA and Wisconsin

I have written about Awonder Liang before.  I am very happy that adequate funds were found and/or donated or otherwise provided (by the USCF?; by private donors?; out of Liang family savings?) to send Awonder Liang to this year's World Youth Chess Championships.  Awonder also played on the United States Team at the 2010 World Youth Chess Championships, and finished in 9th place overall in his age group. Something tells me that he will improve on that performance this year...

From the USCF website:

Preparing for BraziL: Awonder Has Adream
By Alex Betaneli and Tommy Ulrich
November 17, 2011

In recent years, there has been a healthy crop of Wisconsin chess talent. However, this talent has to be nurtured and protected carefully as winter has already arrived and will last until early April. Where can one escape to avoid the bitter cold? Why, Brazil of course! The 8-year-old Awonder Liang is doing just that as he represents the country at the World Youth Championships starting this week. Awonder comes from a true chess family. His father, Yingming (Will) Liang is a strong A class player. Will has three chess playing sons: Adream, Awonder, and Able (yes, these are really their names). Adream is an A class player, Awonder is an expert (making him the top player for his age by a wide margin) and Able is a bit lower rated, but has several years to catch up to his brothers.

Awonder is the first Wisconsinite to be invited to this prestigious event for two years back to back. A few years ago Brian Luo and Alexander Velikanov were also the top Americans in their age categories and participated at the World Youth. Although Awonder is higher rated than Brian and Alexander were at his age, there is one title –that of Wisconsin Junior Champion—that has eluded him. But he has time: both Brian and Alexander won this title when they were ten.
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Chris said...

After six rounds Awonder is 6-0.

Chris said...

Awonder now 7-0 after seven rounds.

Jan said...

Thanks so much for posting the status reports, Chris. GO AWONDER!

Chris said...

Congratulations to World Champion Awonder Liang!

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