Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wisconsin Badgers, House Cleaning, Christmas Tree

It's been one of those days!  Trip to the supermarket in the rain (thank Goddess for that bright yellow hooded rain coat!) at 9 a.m., family tree work (BIG project that must be ready soon for assembly and copying for family for Christmas) until 3:30 p.m., laundry, housework -- the living room has now been vacuumed and dusted, the furniture rearranged awaiting placement of the Christmas tree.  I was just too tired to lug it out of the garage tonight.  That sucker is HEAVY, even in two parts!  Then I'll have to crawl around inside it (no doubt battling spiders along the way) in order to reconnect the inner sockets for the lights.

And, as every good Christmas tree decorator knows, arranging the branches before hand 'just so' takes nearly as much time as decorating the thing! 

From Love to Know Christmas --
Decorate a Tree with Ribbon
This year I'm going to try the French ribbon look - bought 120 yards of the stuff and if it's not enough, too bad.  This year will also see a proper tree topper for the first time -- bought two very large brass stars that will be wired to the top most branch and voila, topper!  This is how I would like my tree to look - now whether I can pull it off -- who knows?

Still need to do more dusting and polishing, furniture is looking dull; and the baseboards need to be wiped down, the glass on the curio and book cabinets cleaned, and the furniture vacuumed.  But now the game is coming on...

...and the red, green and blue light bulbs are now in the living room lamps, lending a festive air, I've set extra candles out and the white lights around the perimeter of the big arch-top window are on!

Badgers are odds favored to win this game, so I understand - by 10 points?  Well, that is what it was last night, at any rate :)  I don't bet, I just watch, scream and yell. 


OH CRAP, MICHIGAN JUST SCORED A TD.  On a good note, we already sacked their quarterback once, ha ha!  And we're getting the ball back after the commercial break (now 7:40 p.m.)...

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