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Chess Ladies Vienna

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This team event takes place May 18 - 26, 2013. 

I love the translation to English at the official website :)  The three items below are from the official website of the Austrian Chess Federation.  Standings below are from
Of 18 to 26 May, there is an international women's grandmaster tournament in Vienna House of chess. At the start, the Austrian women's team with Eva Moser, Anna-Christina Kopinits, Catherine Newrkla, Anna-Lena and Veronika Maritschnegg Exler. In a tournament neunrundigen the Austrians will face strong international competition. From Russia and the Ukraine, the United champions Anastasia Savina and Tatiana Kostiuk come. The International champions Elena Boric (BHI) and Anne Have (NED) and the FIDE champion Nargiz Umudova (AZE) complete the field. Umudova sensationally won a few days ago in Vienna Tschaturanga open before the higher assessed International Masters Twan Burg (NED), Georg Froewis, Siegfried Baumegger (both AUT) and Vienna's grandmaster Nicholas Stanec. The tournament is a part of the preparation for the European team, on the other hand the possibility to achieve standards. (Wk) results in Chess-Results To Broadcast ... (Sat-Sat respectively 15:00, Sun 10:00 Final Round)
An encouraging opening victory of the young Tyrolean Anna-Lena Maritschnegg there are at Chess Ladies Vienna. Schnegg defeated the Aserbeidschanerin Nargiz Umudova that began their stay in Vienna with a surprise victory in the Open Tschaturanga. A tough fight Anna-Christina Kopinits and Eva Moser deliver it. The duel between the reigning national champion and Austria's longtime number 1 brings the end but no winner. The Viennese Catherine Newrkla starts with a draw against Ukrainian Tatiana Kosiuk (2321) in the tournament. Win succeed even against the Dutch Anne Have Veronika Exler and Russian Anastasia Savina against the Bosnian Elena Boric. The opening made ​​by organizer John Pöcksteiner in the presence of President Christian Hursky Vienna, ÖSB Vice President Robert Zsifkovits and the Austrian "EM-hero" Mark Ragger and David Shengelia. (Wk) results in Chess-Results , photos in the photo gallery ÖSB To Broadcast ... (Sat-Sat respectively 15:00, Sun 10:00 Final Round)

The Women's 4-country battle begins at Pentecost 2013 in the idyllic Styrian Graz Semriach at the foot of the mountain Schoeckl house with two clear wins by 4-2 against Upper Austria Burgenland and Lower Austria to Styria. Upper Austria owes the success of victories by Christa Hackbarth and Andrea Nagy, the Lower Austrians win by Michaela Hapala, Monika Molnar and Catherine Hapala three times. For the favored Styrian inside a victory by Barbara Schink is too little. The organizing team with Andreas Schmidbauer and Alfred Harrer offers generous playing conditions and an active social program. The event was opened by Mayor James Semriachs Taibinger. (Wk) results / matches at Chess-Results , ÖSB photos in the Photo Gallery

Results R3:


3. Runde am 20.05.2013 um 10:00
Br.2 SteiermarkElo-4 OberösterreichElo6 : 0
1.1WFMSchink, Barbara2179-WMKNagy, Laura18371 - 0
1.2WMKZechner, Andrea1987-WMKHackbarth, Christa17821 - 0
1.3WMKKlinkan, Elisabeth1980-Bernhard, Julia17191 - 0
1.4WMKLandl, Margot1812-Lasinger, Melanie15951 - 0
1.5WMKSchmidbauer, Andrea Mag.1758-Nagy, Andrea15941 - 0
1.6Steiner, Magdalena1544-WMKAlmert, Margit14931 - 0
Br.3 NiederösterreichElo-1 BurgenlandElo4 : 2
2.1WMKHapala, Lisa2061-WFMHorvath, Maria19691 - 0
2.2Trippold, Denise1849-Rampler, Evelyn18441 - 0
2.3WMKHapala, Michaela DDr.1803-Tschida, Verena17281 - 0
2.4WMKMolnar, Monika1787-WMKUnger, Eva1681½ - ½
2.5WMKHohendanner, Sonja Mag.1529-WMKArtner, Waltraud1641½ - ½
2.6Hapala, Katharina1445-Steininger, Barbara16190 - 1

And this is individual win/loss count on each board (6 boards) thus far:

Die besten Spieler je Brett: nach Prozent

Mindestpartieanzahl 60%

1. Brett
1WFMSchink Barbara2179Steiermark100.03.03
2WMKHapala Lisa2061Niederösterreich66.72.03
3WMKNagy Laura1837Oberösterreich16.70.53
4WFMHorvath Maria1969Burgenland16.70.53
2. Brett
1Trippold Denise1849Niederösterreich83.32.53
2WMKZechner Andrea1987Steiermark66.72.03
3WMKHackbarth Christa1782Oberösterreich33.31.03
4Rampler Evelyn1844Burgenland16.70.53
3. Brett
1WMKHapala Michaela DDr.1803Niederösterreich66.72.03
2WMKKlinkan Elisabeth1980Steiermark66.72.03
3Bernhard Julia1719Oberösterreich50.01.53
4Tschida Verena1728Burgenland16.70.53
4. Brett
1WMKUnger Eva1681Burgenland66.72.03
2Lasinger Melanie1595Oberösterreich50.01.53
3WMKMolnar Monika1787Niederösterreich50.01.53
4WMKLandl Margot1812Steiermark33.31.03
5. Brett
1WMKSchmidbauer Andrea Mag.1758Steiermark83.32.53
2WMKHohendanner Sonja Mag.1529Niederösterreich50.01.53
3Nagy Andrea1594Oberösterreich50.01.53
4WMKArtner Waltraud1641Burgenland16.70.53
6. Brett
1Steininger Barbara1619Burgenland66.72.03
2Hapala Katharina1445Niederösterreich50.01.53
3Steiner Magdalena1544Steiermark50.01.53
4WMKAlmert Margit1493Oberösterreich33.31.03

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