Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 FIDE World Cup

Hola darlings!

Lots of interesting things going on during Round 1.  I am concentrating on the chess femmes for now (but see my comments below the results table):

Deysi Cori - eliminated by Hikaru Nakamura

Anna Ushenina, current Women's WCC, defeated Peter Svidler in the 2nd round of their mini-match, forcing a play-off.  You go, Girlfriend!

Hou Yifan and Alexi Shirov tied both of their games and face play-offs.  Can she win to advance?

Judit Polgar - eliminated by someone I've never heard of, Isan Reynald Ortiz Suarez. If I knew at one time that Judit Polgar was playing in this event, I sure didn't remember it tonight. I thought she was retired.  Maybe she should have stayed retired.  Okay - OUCH.  Call me a bitch.  She wasn't ready for this event!

BdPlayerPlayerGame 1Game 2ScoreQualified
1Aronian, LevonMarkov, Mikhail1-01-02-0Aronian, Levon
2G., AkashCaruana, Fabiano0-11/20.5-1.5Caruana, Fabiano
3Kramnik, VladimirBwalya, Gillan1-01-02-0Kramnik, Vladimir
4Bjelobrk, IgorGrischuk, Alexander0-10-10-2Grischuk, Alexander
5Karjakin, SergeyAli, Sebbar1-01/21.5-0.5Karjakin, Sergey
6Cori T., DeysiNakamura, Hikaru0-10-10-2Nakamura, Hikaru
7Gelfand, BorisRahman, Ziaur1-01/21.5-0.5Gelfand, Boris
8Lou, YipingKamsky, Gata1/21/21.0-1.0
9Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarShoker, Samy1-01/21.5-0.5Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar
10El Gindy, EssamDominguez Perez, Leinier0-10-10-2Dominguez Perez, Leinier
11Ponomariov, RuslanHansen, Torbjorn Ringdal1-01/21.5-0.5Ponomariov, Ruslan
12Liu, QingnanWang, Hao1/20-10.5-1.5Wang, Hao
13Svidler, PeterUshenina, Anna1-00-11.0-1.0
14Wan, YunguoAdams, Michael1/21/21.0-1.0
15Leko, PeterJohannessen, Leif Erlend1-01/21.5-0.5Leko, Peter
16Sambuev, BatorMorozevich, Alexander1-00-11.0-1.0
17Vitiugov, NikitaHolt, Conrad1-01-02-0Vitiugov, Nikita
18Salem, A.R. SalehGiri, Anish0-11/20.5-1.5Giri, Anish
19Ivanchuk, VassilyDuda, Jan-Krzysztof1/21-01.5-0.5Ivanchuk, Vassily
20Cori, JorgeRadjabov, Teimour1/21/21.0-1.0
21Andreikin, DmitryDarini, Pouria1/21/21.0-1.0
22Durarbayli, VasifKorobov, Anton1/21/21.0-1.0
23Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeShabalov, Alexander1-01-02-0Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime
24Wei, YiNepomniachtchi, Ian1/21-01.5-0.5Wei, Yi
25Navara, DavidMareco, Sandro1-01/21.5-0.5Navara, David
26Agdestein, SimenBacrot, Etienne0-10-10-2Bacrot, Etienne
27Alekseev, EvgenyAdhiban, B.1/21/21.0-1.0
28Paragua, MarkJakovenko, Dmitry0-10-10-2Jakovenko, Dmitry
29Le, Quang LiemBarbosa, Oliver1-01-02-0Le, Quang Liem
30Kaidanov, Gregory SAreshchenko, Alexander0-11/20.5-1.5Areshchenko, Alexander
31Malakhov, VladimirHansen, Eric1-01/21.5-0.5Malakhov, Vladimir
32Ramirez, AlejandroTomashevsky, Evgeny1/21/21.0-1.0
33So, WesleyIpatov, Alexander1-01/21.5-0.5So, Wesley
34Christiansen, Larry MFressinet, Laurent0-11/20.5-1.5Fressinet, Laurent
35Riazantsev, AlexanderFelgaer, Ruben1/21/21.0-1.0
36Flores, DiegoVallejo Pons, Francisco0-10-10-2Vallejo Pons, Francisco
37Eljanov, PavelBrunello, Sabino1/21-01.5-0.5Eljanov, Pavel
38Fier, AlexandrWojtaszek, Radoslaw1/21/21 .0-1.0
39Moiseenko, AlexanderAdly, Ahmed1-0 w/o1-0 w/o2-0Moiseenko, Alexander
40Hammer, Jon LudvigMovsesian, Sergei1/21/21.0-1.0
41Shirov, AlexeiHou, Yifan1/21/21.0-1.0
42Ortiz Suarez, Isan ReynaldoPolgar, Judit1-01/21.5-0.5Ortiz Suarez, Isan Reynaldo
43Jobava, BaadurKravtsiv, Martyn1-00-11.0-1.0
44Nguyen, Ngoc Truong SonAkopian, Vladimir1-01/21.5-0.5Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son
45Bruzon Batista, LazaroNajer, Evgeniy1/21/21.0-1.0
46Robson, RayVolokitin, Andrei1-01-02-0Robson, Ray
47Li, Chao bPostny, Evgeny1/21/21.0-1.0
48Popov, IvanRagger, Markus1-00-11.0-1.0
49Inarkiev, ErnestoLeitao, Rafael1/21/21.0-1.0
50Melkumyan, HrantGranda Zuniga, Julio E1/21/21.0-1.0
51Kryvoruchko, YuriyNegi, Parimarjan0-11-01.0-1.0
52Hracek, ZbynekBologan, Viktor1/21/21.0-1.0
53Dreev, AlekseyAzarov, Sergei1/21/21.0-1.0
54Dubov, DaniilFedorchuk, Sergey A.1-01-02-0Dubov, Daniil
55Onischuk, AlexanderIturrizaga, Eduardo1-01/21.5-0.5Onischuk, Alexander
56Smeets, JanMatlakov, Maxim1/20-10.5-1.5Matlakov, Maxim
57Shimanov, AleksandrJones, Gawain C B1/21/21.0-1.0
58Filippov, AntonRomanov, Evgeny1/21-01.5-0.5Filippov, Anton
59Safarli, EltajAmin, Bassem0-11-01.0-1.0
60Lupulescu, ConstantinSasikiran, Krishnan1/21/21.0-1.0
61Zvjaginsev, VadimSwiercz, Dariusz1/21/21.0-1.0
62Kobalia, MikhailKhismatullin, Denis1/21/21.0-1.0
63Yu, YangyiBeliavsky, Alexander G1/21/21.0-1.0
64Istratescu, AndreiLysyj, Igor0-11/20.5-1.5Lysyj, Igor

Oh my, I saw several players that I've been watching for years and cheering for -- they didn't do too well.  I am getting old, and so are they, I think. Sigh.  Several more players I give a shout-out to, for sentimental and with respect to some players working hard under the USA flag, patriotic purposes:"

Gata Kamsky heads for a play-off.  Dude, you can do it. 

GM Bator Sambuev who now plays for Canada, also heads to a play-off after tying his mini-match score with that great (to my heart) swashbuckler, Alexander Morozevich!  Cheering for the GM from our neighbor to the north.  Mr. Don became acquainted with him a little bit while covering some of the events that Goddesschess provided some sponsorship and/or prize money for in Canada.  Good luck. Sentimental favorite.

Ray Robson advances to Round 2 with two win under his belt.  Well done!  Another sentimental favorite.

Fellow American player Alexander Onischuk did what he needed to do to also advance to Round 2.

For this report, information obtained from The Week in Chess

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