Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival

It is that time of year once again.  Someday I should very much like to travel to Gibraltar and enjoy the balmy Mediterranean breezes.  Right now we're being battered with strong winds, yet more snow (6 inches fell last night but fortunately, it was the light fluffy stuff so it only took me an hour and 15 minutes to clear my driveway with a shovel), and overnight and tomorrow windchills down to 45 below zero F.  Yikes! 

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival (official website)

Checking out the line-up for the Masters (Open) with 244 players, I am trying to pick out chess femmes along with American players and stopped after the first 100, LOL!

  7 2000024Kamsky, GatagUSA2709
33 8601283Zhao, XuegCHN2567
35 14111330Muzychuk, AnnagSLO2566
 37 2021285Lenderman, AleksandrgUSA2562
45 1700030Cramling, PiagSWE2525
49 12801259Cmilyte, ViktorijagLTU2515
51 12400149Hoang, Thanh TranggHUN2511
52 8600031Xu, JungCHN2510
53 14114550Muzychuk, MariyamUKR2503
54 617822Sebag, MariegFRA2501
57 4147855Pogonina, NataliawgRUS2495
60 2902257Stefanova, AntoanetagBUL2486
61 8603642Tan, ZhongyiwgCHN2483
63 8600546Zhu, ChengQAT2481
72 4641833Paehtz, ElisabethmGER2458
73 8604002Guo, QiwgCHN2450
75 14101513Zhukova, NataliagUKR2449
78 5007844Sachdev, TaniamIND2442
79 4900758Munguntuul, BatkhuyagmMGL2438
82 13601458Javakhishvili, LelamGEO2430
89 405094Houska, JovankamENG2415
93 4196872Savina, AnastasiamRUS2402
97 623725Milliet, SophiemFRA2390

Action starts at 8:00 p.m. on January 27th.   GM Irina Krush, reigning U.S. Women's Champion, will be providing commentary along with GM Simon Williams. 

As you can see from the line-up, some of the best female chessplayers in the world will be competing against top level male talent at Gibraltar.  May the hand of the Goddess be upon the chess femmes and bring them all victory! 

This great tournament always attracts top female chess talent because of the prizes.  There are separate prizes awarded to women and they are also eligible to compete for the Open prizes.  Should you win, you take the best and leave the rest on the table for another player.

Women's Prizes: If there is a tie for the top women’s prize, the tie is resolved in favour of the woman with the highest performance rating, who will receive the prize of £15,000. All other prizes will not be subject to a tie-break and prize money other than the first prize will be divided equally amongst the players.

Open to all Women
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
4th Prize
5th Prize
6th Prize
7th Prize
8th Prize
9th Prize
10th Prize

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