Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIX!

Update:  As of last night, there are 79 pre-registered players, of which 11 are chess femmes:  3 in the Open and 8 in the Reserve. Woo woo! 

And as of earlier today, there are now 82 pre-registered players, 38 in the Open, and 44 in the Reserve!  Chess femmes in the Open are:  Rachel Ulrich (2070); Anne Ulrich (1668); and Alena Huang (1620).  In the Reserve:  Teja Karimikonda (1487); Susanna Ulrich (1461); Sabrina Huang (1435); Rachel Gomoll (1196); Ellen Wanek (1004) (she is my chess buddy and my chess nemesis at; Alyssa Przedwiecki (608); Anoushka Prasad (no rating).  I know I'm missing, I'm just too tired to go through the list again, sorry!

I do have gift bags, I just haven't had the time lately to put them together (and I don't have the actual bags, ahem.  I forgot, once again, to pick them up today.) I have forgotten (gasp!) to get them together in the midst of getting the sale of this house ready and trying to find a new place of my own to buy, and inspections, and all other kinds of stuff that is just boring but frustrating and exhausting. I'm pretty close to just calling a halt to the entire process and calling the deal OFF! THAT is how bad it has gotten the past few weeks. My health (not always so good) is suffering, as is my peace of mind (most important of all). Arrrrgggghhhh!

So, alas, I won't be attending Challenge XIX, but I will be there in spirit. And I've GOT to get those gift bags for the chess femmes who win out in each section ready! I'll be following the action, and reporting as I can.

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