Monday, July 28, 2014

"Bubble Magic" Sent by Isis...Do Dolphins, Porpoises and Whales Read?

Sent to me by Isis.  As Mr. Spock says - "Fascinating..."

I'll be back as I can find time.  Right now I'm just trying to shoe-horn myself into this down-sized house and TONS of unpacking and organizing and trying to make sense of it all yet to do!  The worst of all horrors, darlings -- I have NO ROOM FOR ALL MY BOOKS!

And no bookcases, either, as I left behind the three really junky ones K-Mart lovelies purchaed in 1987 in the upstairs den at Maison Newton, and also the two extremely large bookshelves that were purchased at Sears in 1990 that I somehow managed to put together and actually raise all by myself (that was when I was still relatively young and STRONG LIKE BULL) that would never fit into this house, the very same much loved 16 inches deep and 6 feet tall bookshelves that I did my "leopard print" sponge painting on eons ago...

I've still got my ginormous Oriental-inspired china hutch (no way am I evah parting with this piece of furniture) which will be loaded with books in the glass-sided and back-mirror hutch and covered storage for lots of crap in the cabinets below.  The rest - the best of my books - the most precious to me - that I saved after countless rounds of donating (sure do hope those beautiful donated books of mine find a good home eventually, because each and every one of them is very special) - will be shoe-horned into the "China" hutch (pun pun pun!) and I've got a room I will set up as a den/library, but I need to get new bookcases.  Except there is no space for bookcases. But I will have to make space, one way or another, as I am not going to put my precious books down in the wreck room in the basement.  Even with the best humidity controls that I can afford.  If the power goes out, my books would be ruined below stairs.  Can't do it.  Won't do it.

Couldn't help but think that those ancient and wise sea mammals would be able to give me some good advice, if only I could speak their language.  I almost get it, almost - well, that's how they make me feel whenever I watch videos of them, but we're too fricking stupid to get it -- like they have something so important to let me know, but there's just a part of my brain closed off, or something.  Sooooo frustrating. And here I am, so frightened of water I'd pee my panties at the first mention of dipping more than a toe into an ocean.  And, seriously, I live right on top of Lake Michigan.  The last time I was even on one of its beaches was when I was 14 and wearing my first semi-bikini, and wanted to show off to the young, cute life guards (who were all male back then).  Geez.

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