Saturday, March 7, 2015

Squirrels Acting Nuts -- Squirrel Crazy Dancing

Hola and happy weekend everyone!

You know I'm a squirrel nut -- I  nurture and fed a large tribe for 24 years at the former Maison Newton and am doing the same here at the new maison.  In the northeast corner of my backyard are two large clumps of arborvitae that have grown nearly as tall as a telephone pole and there are a couple of squirrel nests inside the thick foilage, very much concealed from prying eyes because the arborvitaes are evergreen.  Because of how sunshine and wind come into the fenced backyard, the ground underneath the arborvitae clumps is bare, and it is not uncommon on a sunny afternoon even in bitter cold to see a squirrel or two stretched out on the layer of dead leaves that I put down last autumn to "melt" away during the winter, soaking up the warm sunshine.  This morning as I sipped my coffee and watched the first group of squirrels come for their morning hazel nuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds just after sun rise, I noticed a squirrel doing a "crazy dance" on the bare ground beneath the arborvitaes!

I've seen this kind of behavior many times over the past 25 years; I sat down at the computer and, not sure how to describe the behavior, did a google search under "squirrel doing sommersaults and acting crazy" and sure enough, up popped lots of results, LOL!  I found this website -- -- please check it out, it is a hoot! -- and this video:

This kind of show presented to us by Mother Nature is exactly why I find my squirrels so entertaining!

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