Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Montreal Open Chess Championship - Final Results for the Chess Femmes


I am very late publishing the final report on the number of female players who registered for the 2015 Montreal Championnat and the female prize winners.

This event took place in September, 2015.  It was a tournament that Mr. Don liked very much, particularly the playing venue, and he got to know some of the players and had a great deal of respect for them.

This year Goddesschess provided close to $2,000 cash sponsorship for top level female players to cover travel and lodging costs plus a stipend, as well as providing $650 in class prizes for female players.   In addition, the entry fees of ALL female players were refunded to them at the conclusion of the Championnat.

Of the 200 registered players, 16 were chess femmes -- 8%. Not too bad but publicity was lacking and I expected a higher percentage of female players.  The turn-out of chess femmes was disappointing.

I was not provided with the ELOs of the female players, and since this post has been delayed for several months because I intended to - but never did find the time to - check for ELOs, I decided to just publish it.  Please forgive the wonky typefaces -- I copied everything below from an email and our fonts were incompatible.  I did the best I could to clean things up, but I'm no techy!

I was not provided with final standings of how the ladies did overall in the competition.  Since Goddesschess provided cash sponsorship for the event I would have expected a more complete report from the hosts, rather than having to dig around in Canadian records for such information myself.  As you can see, I declined to waste my valuable time doing that.  Considering the amount of money that Goddesschess committed to this event, based upon previous cooperation and excellent communications and cooperation, which was totally lacking this time, I (for one) am not very happy.

So, below follows the information the hosts of the Championnat provided me with after the end of the tournament:

List of Female Registrants:

KHOUDGARIAN  Natalia    MF              LI  Yilin                                               OUELLET  Maïli-Jade    CMF                XU  Ruoying CUI  Cynthia                                                  DEMCHENKO  Svitlana                       KANESHALINGAM   Mathanhe            PRETELL DIAZ  Carol                         TSYPIN  AllisonUTEPOVA  AlikaKULESHOVA  Julia    WCMSTOYANOVA  StelaWANG  IsabelleMICHEL  AndiePOULIN  RoxaneXU  Yihan

Section Prizes:

Khoudgarian Natalia      A 200 $Ouellet Maili-Jade       A 200 $Demchenko Svitlana       B 125 $Kuleshova Iulia          C  75 $Michel Andie             D  50 $                 Total     650 $

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