Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2016 FIDE Women's World Chess Championship Match

How did I miss this?  Maybe because I find it insulting and ridiculous, but female chessplayers are as hungry for decent money to be made as male chessplayers are, so I don't fault the players for buying into the continuation of an utterly sexist structure that condemns female players to the eternal ELO ghetto of women's chess.

FIDE came up with a sponsor in Lviv, Ukraine.  The "match" features GM Mariya Muzychuk versus defending champion GM Hou Yifan.

Here's the official website.  Excellent coverage at the Week in Chess and Chessdom. You can find full games, photos, and analysis at these (and other) websites and Chessdom has live coverage.

March 2 - 18, 2016.

Six games have already been played and Yifan leads 4.0 to 2.0 with four more games to go.  Table below from The Week in Chess:

WCh Women Lviv
Muzychuk, Mariya-Hou, Yifan½-½31C50Giuoco Piano
Hou, Yifan-Muzychuk, Mariya1-032C80Ruy Lopez Open
Muzychuk, Mariya-Hou, Yifan½-½36E01Catalan
Hou, Yifan-Muzychuk, Mariya½-½21C83Ruy Lopez Open
Hou, Yifan-Muzychuk, Mariya½-½33A11Reti Opening
Muzychuk, Mariya-Hou, Yifan0-138C50Giuoco Piano

WCh Women Lviv (UKR), 2-18 iii 2016
Hou, YifangCHN2673½1½½½1....42679
Muzychuk, MariyagUKR2554½0½½½0....22548

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