Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tani Adewumi Wins His Age Group in New York State Championship While Family Lives in Homeless Shelter

By now you would have heard the story.  There is more coverage at The New York Times:

This 8-Year Old Chess Champion Will Make You Smile
Overcoming Life's Basic Truth:  Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.
By Nicholas Kristol (Opinion writer)
March 16, 2019

Our Chess Champion Has a Home
The 8-year old refuge who last week was thrilled to have a trophy suddenly has so much more.
By Nicholas Kristol (Opinion writer)
March 3, 2019

This article is from The Washington Post.  Tani made the big time!

Chess victory is ticket out of shelter for 
8-year-old boy
From AP
March 19, 2019

NEW YORK — An 8-year-old boy’s victory as New York state chess champion will be his family’s ticket out of a homeless shelter.
The New York Times reported that Tani Adewumi (TAH’-nee ah-deh-WOO’-mee) won the state chess title for his age group this month even though he learned to play only about a year ago.
Tani and his family have lived in a New York City shelter since fleeing Nigeria in 2017. The Christian family feared attacks by the militant group Boko Haram.
Tani’s chess coach Russell Makofsky (muh-KAHF’-skee) set up a GoFundMe account for the family after Tani won the championship.
Makofsky joined Tani on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday and said that thanks to donations, the family is moving into an apartment.
Tani says he “felt surprised” by his win.

And Garry Kasparov wrote a piece for The Washington Post.

By Garry Kasparov
Contributor, PostEverything

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