Friday, February 21, 2020

All Women Cairns Cup at St. Louis Chess Club

Hola!  Sorry for not reporting this as soon as it happened.  The tournament has wrapped up and was won by GM Koneru Humpy of India, who takes home $45,000 for her efforts.  Well done! 

2020 Cairns Cup

List by federation
Cross table

1GM Koneru, Humpy6.0INDF25802627+0.5510½½11½1½
2GM Ju, Wenjun5.5CHNF25832582+0.02½½½11½½01
3GM Muzychuk, Mariya5.0UKRF25522548-0.08½1½½0½1½½
4GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra5.0RUSF25042554+0.59½10110½10
5GM Lagno, Kateryna4.5RUSF25522505-0.58½1½½0½½½½
6GM Harika, Dronavalli4.5INDF25182509-0.09½½1½0½½½½
7GM Dzagnidze, Nana4.0GEOF25152466-0.591½1½0½½00
8GM Krush, Irina4.0USAF24222477+0.69½½0½0½½½1
9FM Yip, Carissa4.0USAF24122478+0.82000011½1½
10GM Gunina, Valentina2.5RUSF24612349-1.3300101000½

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