Friday, February 14, 2020

All Women Cairns Cup Update from St. Louis Chess Club

Hola darlings!

Buried under about a foot of snow over the past week or so, and bitterly cold temperatures, sigh.  I've gotten my exercise in and run through several pairs of Hot Hands inserts for my down mittens as I've shoveled my way day after day out of this mess.  YUCK!  Happy Valentines Day to me, LOL!

Here's the latest from the Cairns Cup:

Ranking after round 6

1GM Ju, Wenjun4.0CHNF25832639+0.45½½½11½
2GM Koneru, Humpy4.0INDF25802645+0.5110½½11
3GM Dzagnidze, Nana3.5GEOF25152570+0.471½1½0½
4GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra3.5RUSF25042548+0.39½10110
5GM Muzychuk, Mariya3.0UKRF25522526-0.22½1½½0½
6GM Lagno, Kateryna3.0RUSF25522527-0.21½1½½0½
7GM Harika, Dronavalli3.0INDF25182506-0.09½½1½0½
8GM Gunina, Valentina2.0RUSF24612367-0.73001010
9GM Krush, Irina2.0USAF24222380-0.33½½0½0½
10FM Yip, Carissa2.0USAF24122381-0.24000011
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Pairings round 7

1GM Dzagnidze, Nana3.5GEO2515GM Ju, Wenjun4.0CHN2583
2GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra3.5RUS2504GM Lagno, Kateryna3.0RUS2552
3GM Krush, Irina2.0USA2422GM Koneru, Humpy4.0IND2580
4GM Gunina, Valentina2.0RUS2461GM Muzychuk, Mariya3.0UKR2552
5GM Harika, Dronavalli3.0IND2518FM Yip, Carissa2.0USA2412

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Round 7 begins today at 1:00 p.m. and you can follow the action live.  The Opening and Closing Ceremonies and rounds will be streamed live daily from Feb. 6-17 at 1 p.m. Central Time with an expert commentary team including WGM Jennifer Shahade, GM Yasser Seirawan and GM Alejandro Ramirez, as well as a Russian language broadcast with IM Almira Skripchenko and WGM Anastasiya Karlovich on

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