Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021!

 Hola darlings, and a Merry Happy Christmas and holiday season to you all!  Here's the final version of this year's Christmas tree:

Comet Leonard will be seen from Earth (without telescope) for the last time tonight.  No, it's not the magical "star" that led the Three "Kings" (Magi [magicians and astrologers/astronomers] from the "East", probably somewhere in Mesopotamia) to the home of Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus some time after he was born.  According to the article, Comet Leonard has been seen from Earth only during a brief window (closing tonight) and is headed toward the Sun, to circle around it (?) and then be "slungshot" out of our solar system forever (how do they know this?), that is, if it doesn't fall apart/disintegrate into rock and ice first.   I say - NEVER say never, LOL!

If you want to say a fond farewell to Comet Leonard, check it out if your skies are clear (may need binoculars, so I probably won't be able to see it), about an hour after sundown above the southwestern horizon.  You can use the planet Venus hanging in that area of the sky as a "guide" to try and spot Comet Leonard.

Now, I'm going to go open my Christmas presents (they weren't put under the tree until yesterday when I unpacked the boxes I received from my siblings - I scored a real haul this season!)  I'm going to eat a hearty dinner of my Easy Beef Burgundy and mashed potatoes and glue myself to the Packers game!

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