Thursday, April 16, 2009

Narmin Kazimova In The News

All right! She's a young player I've had my eye on since her performance in the 2008 European Women's Individual Chess Championships, where she played some outstanding chess. Kazimova's performance at the 2008 EWICC was enough to earn her a Featured Chess Femme in my May, 2008 column at Chessville (alas, now defunct). (Photo: Victoria Cmilyte v. Kazimova, 2008 EWICC). This news from Chessdom: Narmin Nizami Qizi Kazimova going to the World School chess Kazimova is the number 1 female player U16 of Azerbaijan The number 1 female player U16 of Azerbaijan, Narmin Nizami Qizi Kazimova, will be one of the top players at the World School Chess Championships in Thessaloniki, Greece. High performance is expected by Kazimova, after being part of the Olympic team for her country and participating at the European Individual Chess Championship. The young talent is currently rated 2165 and expects an ELO boost of over 40 points for the April FIDE rating list. She gained most of the points at the National Championship of Azerbaijan, scoring 7,5/10 and defeating strong players such as Zeinab Mamedjarova, Khayala Mardan Abdulla, and Nargiz Umudova. Rest of story.

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