Friday, June 3, 2011

Picky, Picky Females!

Any female hominid roaming around 2,000,000 year ago, while certainly not human (I don't believe in evolution so I don't believe any of these earlier hominids were ever human or on-track to become human beings) showed more sense than a lot of modern human females do today, that's for damn sure!

Ancient Female Ancestors Roamed Far and Wide for Mates
by Ann Gibbons on 1 June 2011, 1:01 PM

When it came time for members of the human family to find a mate in South Africa about 2 million years ago, it was the females, not the males, who made the first move. A new study of the teeth of 19 australopithecines from cave sites in South Africa suggests that females moved away from their birthplaces far more often than the larger males, who stayed surprisingly close to home and kin.

For several decades, researchers have debated whether early human ancestors lived in close-knit social groups made up of related brothers and fathers, with new genes introduced by female mates gathered from other groups. Chimpanzees follow this pattern too, but in most primates, new males move into groups of related females; in gorillas, for example, one male lives in a harem with many related females. It has been a “monumental task” to test models of the social organization of early members of the human family, known as hominins, says Matt Sponheimer, a co-author of the new study and a paleoanthropologist at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “It’s as if someone told you to investigate the ecology of a giraffe but you were forbidden to observe them in the wild and confined to a room that contained a relatively small number of giraffe bones.”

...blah blah blah. In other words, cutting through all the crap, we still don't know - and we never will, as long as scientists continue to insist upon the crazy idea that human beings "descended" (or perhaps "ascended?") from chimpanzees and their ilk.  Well, eventually they'll figure it out - it may take another 50 to 100 years for DNA science to catch up and interpretation of data, likewise -- and then who knows if the truth will finally be fully told? There are a lot of vested interests at stake at work against revealing the truth. I'll probably die around 2045, so I may not be alive to see it. Goddess, I sound like X Files!  LOL!  I'm not a conspiracy theorist person by any means, but after having lived for 60 years on this poor, abused Mother Earth, I have learned that when it comes to big money interests, THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING to preserve their money stream. 

You can read the rest of the story if you like - but it's more of the same blah blah blah...  I do wish that modern human females would get with the program regarding selecting suitable males with whom to breed and produce offspring that represent the future of human society.  Politcians - NO!  Rap singers - NO!  Drug Dealers - NO!  Males who have taken religious "vows" or undertaken religious study and perpert to be "authorities" (even if they have a 70 IQ) - regardless of race or creed - SUPER BIG NO!  That excludes, oh, 99.9999999% of religious males. Professional athletes - NO!  If they don't already have 10 or more baby-mommas out there clammering/suing for support/paternity actions/contracting a hit to take them out for revenge (say what?), they think they're immune to the normal trials and tribulations that affect the rest of humanity. That's just plain dumb stupid.  Why would you ever want to breed with a just plain dumb stupid man, regardless how cute he appears at present? 

Whatever, darlings.  It seems we were taken over by Disney World long ago, and these days femmes who otherwise have most of their shit together are really, really stupid when it comes to selecting males with whom to copulate.  Just goes to prove - Darwin's theory is full of baloney!  If it were true, we should have been extinct within a thousand years or so after the time so-called "modern man" appeared on the scene.  But then, there is always hope. There was, for instance, Ringo Starr...

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