Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Official: Judit Polgar v. Hou Yifan Is a LIE

Reported earlier at Chessdom:

May 15, 2012
Judit Polgar – Yifan Hou to play a match in 2012 (UPDATE)

The long expected Judit Polgar – Yifan Hou match has now been now officially announced. It will take place in China September 26th – October 2nd, 2012. The organization plans for 4 classical games and 4 rapid games.
The match announcement comes only a month after their game at the Gibraltar Chess Festival where Yifan Hou won the direct encounter with white and went on to share first place, only to lose in the rapid tiebreak against Short.
The Judit Polgar – Yifan Hou match will be at a perfect moment, as Judit is at her highest moment for the last 3 years with ELO 2709, while Yifan Hou is at a virtual ELO 2650, the highest of her career. promises its followers a detailed coverage of what is to be the strongest encounter on female level in chess history. Special thanks to the news support from China to Gujuan Tzu of the Chess news blog

And then - reported at Chessdom (from Susan Polgar's chess blog):

Official Statement from Judit About the Unknown Match
March 15, 2012

Well, I find it very strange and unfortunate that based on the writing of a Chinese insider chess blog some mainstream chess websites present false information about me putting it up as a fact.

I firmly have to say that the information is FALSE! I neither know anything about this match, nor agreed to sign any kind of contract whatsoever!
This refutation was also posted at Judit Polgar's Facebook page.


Eugene Wee said...

If only it were true, but then they should play it on neutral ground, and for the women's world championship.

Anonymous said...

Judit refuses to play in all-women events, and in order to qualify to play for the women's world championship one has to, so this is one match that will probably never happen. I guess some organizer could offer a lot of dollars to them to play a match, but it would not be an official world championship match.

Eugene Wee said...

Nah, if they can let Topalov qualify for a world championship match through direct entry to a candidates' match, they can let Polgar qualify for a women's world championship match through direct entry to a candidates' match too (e.g., qualification on the basis of world ranking).

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