Saturday, March 10, 2012

Memories of Amsterdam

November 30 - December 6, 2001

Mr. Don, Georgia, Michelle and yours truly travelled to Amsterdam to take part in a chess history symposium sponsored by the Initiativ Gruppe Konigstein (the "IGK"). 

My chess buddy Shira Evans Sanford posted a photo at her Facebook page a few days ago that reminded me soooo much of that time in Amsterdam:

It was taken at a place called "Santana Row" (in sunny, warm California) on Wednesday, which would have made it March 7 (if I'm counting backward correctly - no guarantee on that!). 

Here was 11 year old Michelle outside the Max Euwe Centrum, Amsterdam in early December 2001, and checking out that large chessboard in the Square (the Centrum anchors one corner of it).

I wish I had better photographs of that place and time, but it was before digital cameras and point-and-shoot!  I had a "brownie" camera with "Magic-X" flash cubes and the few photographs I have from that trip are not the best!  Mr. Don had a much more respectable camera but it took him so damn long to take a photo that most of his subjects died before he ever got the shot off.

This next photo sort of shows the background of that square; it's a Mr. Don original:

Damn!  He was one hot dude back then...

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