Sunday, March 4, 2012

Treasure Trove at Tell Megiddo

From Dig Megiddo 2012 blog:

A Unique Hoard Was Found At Tel Megiddo

The Megiddo Expedition have recently discovered a collection of gold, silver and bronze jewelry, wrapped in fabric, hidden in a vessel at Tel Megiddo. The vessel was found in a domestic context that was dated to the Iron Age I (around 1100 B.C.). This vessel was actually excavated during the 2010 season, but remained uncleaned while awaiting for a molecular analysis of it's content (soil). When it was finally emptied during the summer of 2011, the pieces of jewelry appeared.

Both the textile and the jewelry itself were sent to analysis that should tell us more about the origins of this exceptional collection.

A few of the photos (visit the blog to view all photos):

Looks like a fish (a whale??? -- see post below)  Is this made out of gold?  What is it - a seal?  An icon of some sort?

When I saw this I said "Whoa!  What is that?  My first thought was "lizard."  But perhaps it is meant to be a crocodile?  Looks like it was made out of gold and the workmanship looks exquisite even though it's now bent out of what I assume it's original shape was meant to be.

On the other hand, could it possibly be a representation of a scorpion???  Scorpions were often depicted with that sort of "braiding" down their spines/centers -- but scorpions don't have only four "legs" -- these actually look like feet!  So, who knows what it could be...

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