Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Canadian Zonals

Some photographs from Mr. Don, at yesterday's closing ceremonies/party:

The Champions:  GM Bator Sambuev (left) and WIM Natalia Khoudgarian (Women's) (right).
Not sure how the prizes were divied up in the Zonal where all the guys played -- there were four players each of
whom finished with 6.0.  Also, I do not know who is who, except for Bator Sambuev, whom I recognize from
his playing in the City of Montreal Championships. 
3IMNORITSYN Nikolay2472CAN27b117w111b11w015b014w18b12b010w16.0
4IMGERZHOY Leonid2448CAN6w126b18w½2b012w½16b½17w115b11b½6.0
5FMWANG Richard2338CAN21b022w114b17w½18b115w½10w½16b12w½6.0
6CMGUSEV Nikita2117CAN4b025w117b½30w126b½8w024b114w112b16.0

Here's a future champion:

Sambuev, Jr.

How can I tell he's a future champion?  Because he is already trying to take the trophy from Dad:

More pics later!

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